Draws the Audience In: 360 Degrees of a Jaw-Dropping Design

When set up, the Beauty Mirror Booth is a 69″ high, 38″ wide staggering beauty.  It has a mesmerizing circular LED light surrounding a 32″ mirror that displays 24″ vibrant graphic animations – a combination that is impossible to overlook.

The Ultimate Selfie Fun: Crystal-Clear Reflection, Vibrant Animations, Touch-Based Games, Pro-Grade Photography & Print

When looking at the Beauty Mirror Booth, participants see a perfect combination of their reflection with beautiful graphic animations. It feels like magic, but it is real.

The clever graphic animations guide and entertain the participants through an interactive process of taking high-quality selfies, signing and stamping them, applying filters; recording a video, playing multiplayer touch-based games and finally; printing the creation as a keepsake or sharing it online.


Sample Templates

This is what will print out at your event. These 4x6 printouts are fully customizable! We can change the color, theme, and text to match what you want!

Beauty Filters

Love beauty filters??? Our photobooth filters every photo the night of your event giving you that fresh, FLAWLESS look! Who doesnt love that? Get the colored or black and white beauty filters added to your next event!


  • Red Carpet and Red Velvet Ropes +50
  • Memory Book +50
  • Idle Hours +50
  • Custom Made Start Touch Screen +75
  • Additional Templates to Print Out +25
  • Green Screen +100
  • Add HALO Photobooth to any Mirror Package +350
  • "XV" 5 ft Lighted Marquee Letter +200
  • Red Velvet Throne Chair +150                                        210.883.7471